Fatal Sting

Fatal Sting is a breaking event thrown by the group San Diego BGirl Sessions. The group is made up of local BGirls and their mission is to help support the BGirl community. 


So what does this mean?


Well, as you can imagine, the Breaking Scene in itself is made up of mostly males. Within the dance, you are encouraged to show “macho” type attitudes and within the competitions the attitudes are even more magnified. Rude gestures are thrown and implied towards opponents, at any moment while walking an event, you can be (called out) challenged to a dance off where you have to defend your rep as a dancer. This is extremely intimidating to a newbie who just started to learn the dance. There is not a lot of resources or environments that can mentally prepare you for this level of “in your face” type competition. 


I became aware of this group and their mission through Melissa Adao. A professional dancer, credited college Professor of dance and now in her thirties, she is learning the ways of being a “BGirl.” Melissa began learning how to break just one year ago. She gives a lot of credit to San Diego BGirl Sessions for her development. 

“Originally when I started learning, I wasn’t confident enough to be around more experienced dancers. So when I joined San Diego BGirl Sessions, they provided a safe environment that catered to females who wanted to learn. The environment was all learning females, where there was support all around. They provided me the support I needed to develop that confidence to dance at events and even compete in breaking competitions.”


Please make sure to look up San Diego BGirl Sessions. Follow them on Instagram. 


Make sure to support their events and fundraisers. These events all go towards their programming to develop and grow the BGirl Community. 


Fatal Sting is one of two events they throw annually. It features a “Bonnie and Clyde” style competition (Bboy partnered with a BGirl) as well as a battle open to everyone under the “7 to smoke” format. 


Make sure to check out the highlight video attached, share with your friends and let us know what you think.

How To Add Some Soul to your Stale Holiday Playlist

Recommended by DJ Son Of Jarel

Coming out of the Holiday Seasons, going through all of these Christmas albums, there was one album stuck out with good reason. It was only proper to give Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings “It’s A Holiday Soul Party” album my first review. Sharon Jones’ albums have always been good from start to finish, her consistency is what made her so special. I knew if she came out with something she would bring that Soul and Funk that I love to hear. This album is no exception it contains that same consistency, a mix of Soul and Funk that will make you feel like you are at a live Funk party. You have a range of style in this album, the variation from the slow to a fast dance style tracks. “8 Days” “Silent Night” has that funky James Brown sound, “Please Come Home for Christmas” is the Blues song on here that compliments the Funk and Soul on this album, my personal favorite is “Funky Little Drummer Boy”, this was I felt like Sharon’s own sound that she built with the Dap Kings, it has that underlying “I Know You Got Soul” by Bobby Byrd. It also has a nice drum break to close out that song. Overall one of my favorite Christmas albums, is definitely and easily one of my top 5 of Christmas albums. Sharon Jones gone but most definitely not forgotten!

You can find this album https://sharonjonesandthedapkings.bandcamp.com/album/its-a-holiday-soul-party

Tuff Training Episode 4

We have been following our friends Saso and Tina from Crossfit Turn Point for a little over two weeks now. Today is the big day. The day to see just how they will perform and where they stand among some of southern California’s Cross Fit Athletes. 


Today, is the Reindeer’s game. An event thrown by the folks at Proving Grounds Competitions. An organization that throws multiple cross fit competitions through out the year. A team of three females or three males compete against other teams in one of three divisions; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Despite being first time competitors, Saso and Tina’s team both chose to do the advance option. 


The competition itself consists of three events. Within each one of these events, a team must work together to prep and perform specific exercises or lifts within specific constraints. 


For example, muscle ups, synchronized deadlifts and bar over burpees would be considered one event. 


When the whistle blows, the teams race into position to set up their weights. An official is keeping an eye to make sure each counted lift is a successful one. 


The girls seem to be off to a great start. Each one is successful with their lift. Over across the way… the fellas are putting in their best efforts. Then, Saso encounters some adversity when he fails on his lift, not once but twice. The same weight he successfully PR’d just two weeks earlier.


The team has to push forward and make up ground. First Chris comes in, pulls his lift. Then comes Ethan. Each successfully making their lift. 


Afterwards, Saso has some time to reflect on his miss. 


In the final event, a moment of redemption. As the tasks at hand are double unders and lifting a 150 pound sandbag. The guys each successfully completed their tasks. Even Saso with his 150 pound frame hurling 150 pound sand bag helping the team complete the task on time. 


As for the ladies….

Citrus speeds through her reps and last up…. mighty mighty Tina. Standing at just 5 foot tall and 100 pounds soaking wet, a crowd forms to cheer her on as she works through the lift and completes it for her team. As she finishes, the floor erupts into cheers for her efforts. 


At the end of the day, the goal was met. the biggest competition was from within themselves. The reward? The sweet satisfaction of achieving exactly what the team set out to. They proved that they can compete at the advanced level, that they can overcome obstacles together and in the process build bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. 


Triple threat Tina’s and Asap Saucy may not have placed as high up in the rankings as some of their peers but you would never guess by the big smiles on all of their faces. they are now equipped with an accomplishment and the awareness on what things they need to work on back in the gym. All in All…. a damn good day.

Tuff Training Episode 3

We have been following Saso and Tina for two weeks, capturing their training sessions at their gym, Cross Fit Turn Point, in San Diego California.


The pair are preparing for their first crossfit competition and the anticipation has caused some anxiety, some nervousness and some self doubt. They have been battling these jitters with being dedicated to their normal work out schedules and regiments. Working out every day, sometimes twice a day, to be fully prepared for this upcoming crossfit event, The Reindeer Games.


However, we are starting to see the busy schedule taking its toll on the two. Tina begins to struggle on some of her exercises and with two days left before the big day, we start to see some real questions develop for the pair.



Sensing that a “rest and mobility day” is necessary, Saso is at the Gym for moral support while Tina and Citrus work with the Cross Fit Turn Point coaches. Owner and head coach, Michael provides some instructions for todays workout. Coach Christina, who will also be competing with both Citrus and Tina also offers some last minute advice.

Reminisce - Earthbound Radio

There are times when certain songs or albums can spark memories of days past, where you can't help but think back at some of the craziness and fun you were encapsulated in during those times. Having recently started up the Not So Fresh Radio Show to bolster the Tuff Rocking site, I have been reminiscing about the days I used to spin and help host at Earthbound Radio. Back in the early 2000's there was an online radio show I heard about through local crew members and homies that was based in a business center area in the Miramar section of San Diego, not too far from the Marine Corp Air Station. At the time it may have still been Naval Air Station Miramar. See Top Gun, (i.e. - Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards). I checked it out online at the now defunct www.twelvez.com and listened in to a few shows. The music was right up my alley and the live interaction with the listeners drew me in. The crew I represented since high school was Kids Of Soul, we consisted of bboys, groove dancers, dj's, mc's, writers and the whole nine. One of the original members DJ Thumbprint was my neighbor during this time and invited me to come to the studio to check it out. The original studio sat just off some train tracks in a secluded business center laid smack in the middle of Miramar, near a huge pyramid that now serves as an Uber office. Upon walking into the small office/studio I realized the people behind Earthbound Radio were all young hip hop heads that were into independent hip hop or what many would refer to as "underground hip hop". At that time I considered myself a true hip hop head and nobody could convince me otherwise.

If you remember the late 90's and early 2000's, there were plenty of independent artists creating hip hop music and putting tracks out on their own or through indie labels. This was just post Napster era and about the time Limewire had everybody downloading any artist they could think of. I'm guilty of downloading a ton of indie hip hop from Limewire, everything from Breeze Evahflowin' (Boston) to Saiyan Super Crew (France) was at my fingertips and burned to a CD within minutes. So being exposed to indie hip hop was pretty easy even at that time. Regardless of downloading music from these indie artists for free, I figured it was okay since I bought most of their music on vinyl anyways. During the Earthbound Radio days, there was no serato or final scratch, just crates of vinyl being towed into the studio.

DJ's at Earthbound Radio played mostly rap from indie labels, 90's rap and R&B, Soul, Funk, etc. When I walked into that studio they had Burn One from Kids of Soul spinning instrumentals and a few local heads freestyle rapping on the mic. The night in play would be the one Kids of Soul helmed, it consisted mainly of DJ Thumbprint, Burn One, Norm Rocwel, Gaveeegav, Mattlock, myself and guests. As I looked around the studio I recognized faces I hadn't seen in years, I realized..... well damn

1. Almost all of these kids are Filipino

2. They're all high as fuck

3. 90% of them went to my high school

So the dudes that started this internet radio station all graduated a year or two after me from my alma mater. Most of them went in together and got an office studio to outfit it into a college kids dream. They started their own internet radio which almost every day of the week covered with a crew of DJ's. No commercials, no commercial rap, no jiggy radio rap (maybe some slipped through), no corny shit and freedom to play what you deemed as proper hip hop, funk, soul, or whatever it was you were dropping the needle on that night. One of the guys running the show was a guy that went by DJ Domino and he was pretty much the main IT department . He set up a lot of the equipment, set up the audio, computers, routers.... you know, all that IT shit that IT guys do.

DJ Thumbprint eventually asked me to spin a set at the Kids of Soul night. I can't exactly remember, but that may have been the same night where they also had another local crew come in and guest in studio. That crew was Unknown Turntablists Krew (UTK) from Southside San Diego. I remember fellow Not So Fresh Podcaster Jose "Son of Jarel" Chavez actually being in attendance that night since he is a part of UTK, he wasn't spinning but three members Mane1, Daks Isa and Jecs were taking turns in the turntable room spinning sets and sharing 40 oz. bottles of Old English. I thought to myself, "damn that's some gangsta ass DJ shit and they got some fuckin skills".

I eventually came on as a regular with Kids of Soul during their tenure at the studio. I was still building my small vinyl collection shopping at local outlets like Access Music, The Armory, Off The Record (Hillcrest), Record City and elsewhere. Being able to drop new indie rap and older break samples live on an internet station was exhilarating, it just felt like the world was listening intently while you spin. Well, the world was listening, because they kept track of listeners on a geographic map while most of the audience would live chat with the nightly hosts. Our Kids of Soul night was named Monday Night Massacre, but soon enough more people started getting down with Earthbound Radio. We gave up our Monday nights to Armory Massive and moved over to Tuesday evenings which we coined "Truskool Tuesdays". Some DJ's I brought into the studio as guest DJ's eventually gained their own nights/days at Earthbound. I brought Charlie Rock in our early days and interviewed him live on air, he gave the whole story on how he got down with Rock Steady Crew and dropped a lot of San Diego history on us. I had Dasheye from Tribe of KIngs, a local crew that's well known for their skills in the reggae circuit (Uptown/Downtown Top Ranking), guest on one of the nights. Eventually Tribe of Kings got their own show on Earthbound, I think they did Sunday mornings. Wednesday nights were controlled by the guys from Homegrown Blends, DJ Pauze, Jo_iLL, Bojo, Jaba, Romali Argonaut and more had a night named, "Common Ground". I believe Thursdays belonged to the Battlestar DJ's and Saturday mornings had an all female cast led by DJ Malia called the "Bonita Applebum" show. Every night had a solid crew holding it down during Earthbound's hey day, it was all good music and there were some very dope guests that came through to spin. Unfortunately, a lot of these episodes that were recorded are supposedly gone.

The setup eventually changed as the crew moved to a bigger office building in the same area. Some nights it felt like business as usual, roll in with records and spin your set, chill with the homies, host on the mic and promote every night the homies had a gig. The setup was like this, four turntable set up with monitors for each set. Vestax 05/06, an effects mixer for the right set of turntables in case you wanted to echo, reverb or do some crazy shit while in the mix. Vinyl was stacked along the back wall where a viewing window was, leading along that window was one of two doors that led into the hosts room where the crew would chill and host on the mic. The walls inside the DJ studio were tagged by every visitor that had visited. A computer was set up by the mics to monitor online activity, by activity I mean we were able to communicate with our live audience via AOL Instant Messenger, yes I know it sounds ancient. Listeners all over the world would hit us up on the Earthbound Radio IM's and chat with the host while someone was spinning, we'd be able to shout listeners out, announce the dj's playlist and promote ourselves during quick intermissions. Outside on the patio was big enough to have two separate sliding door entries, a huge grill and patio furniture hosted a gang of barbecue/drink sessions when we had the dope guests come by. It's crazy to think how simple DJ set ups were just fifteen years ago, it seemed like it was a mission to get something like a radio show setup via the internet. Nowadays you can find someone spinning live on Instagram or Facebook for a free broadcast DJ show. Broadcasting and DJ'ing grew with technology and also made it so much easier for anybody to jump in and do something like what we had going on at the now defunct www.twelvez.com. My tenure with Earthbound ended in 2004, I focused a lot more on breaking (bboy) and eventually moved to the OC/LA area to start my graphic design career. I still did gigs here and there, but it never felt the same. By the time I moved back to San Diego, Serato replaced a lot of DJ's vinyl crates and gigs were a dime a dozen. It was still fun to rock the decks once in awhile, but I stopped looking for gigs and focused more on breaking instead. Be sure to tune into the Not So Fresh Radio Show on Mixcloud, i'll be inviting DJ's to come by the studio to drop sets. Maybe i'll get some of the old Earthbound heads to throw down.  - Destijl

Tuff Training

Tuffrocking’s own Saso is entering his first crossfit competition this Saturday at the Proving Grounds Crossfit event “Reindeer Games.” Most of us know Saso as a Bboy, an entertainer, a podcaster, and so on but this is the first time he is competing in a crossfit event.

Saso will be competing with a few familiar faces. First of all, the lovely Tina and B-Girl Citrus, his fellow RSF Crew mate. We decided to document their training and preparation for this upcoming event. This is the first of a three video series showing the three prep for this weekend’s competition with their team at Crossfit Turn Point.

This episode we show the couple (Saso and Tina) do a work out and then work on a personal record with a certain lift.


Big So Cal Euro 2017

 One of my favorites from Big So Cal Euro.

One of my favorites from Big So Cal Euro.

Every year around this time of early September a huge automotive enthusiast crowd takes up the western side of the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot. If you're from San Diego, chances are you've caught the Porsche club racing on the same lot. You might have caught the SCCA racing events burning rubber on that same exact lot, but this event grabs a much larger crowd. Nope it's not the Friday night 1/8 mile race event either.

This past Sunday the team that runs Big So Cal Euro once again opened up their gates for yet another successful European car show, a yearly event held at Qualcomm Stadium's parking lot. A car show that has plenty of vendors, food trucks, drag racing and of course Euro cars on display. Everybody is in attendance, old timers with an affection for Volvo's, younger couples into VW's, you think of it they might be hanging out with their family and friends. My first Big So Cal show was just last year, after owning classic American muscle I landed into a classic European Ford, a 1968 Ford Cortina built for the track and looking like a Euro touring race car, however this year I showed up in a much smaller ride, my Mk5 Mini. I had one of two classic Minis in attendance, as you will see in the photos to follow Dennis Santarinala's Rallye Replica Mini stole the show for a lot of the attendees. Props to the small British cars with a big reaction! With an incredibly rocky week of insane weather in the 100's we ran into a Sunday with rain. Luckily a little bit of water didn't ruin the show this year as many BMW's, Porsches, VW's, etc. rolled out to provide the rays of glimmering shine the crowd lusted for. Pictures speak way more than words, so i'll wrap this up and get on with the photos.

For more info on Big So Cal Euro check them out over at


Photos and words by Art Tejada. Art is a part time classic car enthusiast and currently drives a MK5 Mini. Starting off with classic American rides like a 67 Ford Bronco and a 54 F100 he eventually landed in a European Ford (68 Cortina) which led him to Big So Cal Euro in 2016. Peace.

Craft Beer Delivery by Crafthounds.

by Art Tejada 

 I actually covered a delivery on my vlog. Linked below.

I actually covered a delivery on my vlog. Linked below.


Living in San Diego can be taken for granted at times. There are approximately ninety-some days in Summer and I might only hit the surf, sand, water, etc. twice in that span. The great weather all year round actually permits residents of America's Finest City to visit the beach during any season, so I actually have almost 365 days this summer. Aside from great weather, better attitudes than our neighbors 100 miles north, swaying palm trees and hip neighborhoods, what else does San Diego have that the city likes to boast about? If you answered transplants you're right but most locals don't boast about that, the answer.... craft beer. So much craft beer in fact your average 7-11 or corner liquor store carries an abundance of options, something foreign to people in other cities. As of this blog post San Diego boasts about 151 operational craft breweries, from Oceanside to Otay Mesa the city is swimming in beer.

I've worked and studied in the craft beer industry here in San Diego, so this may be the first of many blogs included about craft beer here and around the world as i've traveled and sampled beer anywhere my plane has touched down. However when you land back in a hometown like San Diego, it's time to check the plentiful stock our city holds. One night earlier this year I found myself in a dilemma, I had already had two beers at home and needed at least another two to quench my thirst palette. Now with that said, please do not drink and drive! With so many options like Lyft or Uber there isn't really a need to think about driving. Ahhh the thought of being pulled over and having to get a buck naked cavity search in a jail because I drove instead of calling a ride. Anyways back to my problem, I thought about walking to the nearest liquor store that stocks a lot of local craft beer, but they had closed thirty minutes earlier. I promptly opened my laptop and looked up alcohol delivery service. I heard about delivery services that exist and that's when I stumbled upon Crafthounds due to their great SEO service through Google. Crafthounds boasts fresh craft beer in a one hour delivery time? Oh yeah? Well i'm here to tell you how my experience with them went.

Crafthounds works with local craft beer retailers and breweries around town to pull from their inventory. Most of the inventory on their site reflects a true number, however I found that isn't always true. I selected a few beers and waited.... and waited. No beer showed up, but I received an email from Crafthounds apologizing for the mix up. Apparently their supplier that evening, a local liquor store, closed early without notifying them. Well to make up for it they offered free delivery on my next order. The following weekend I decided to give Crafthounds another try and went through their inventory ordering Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, Speakeasy ale, Ska Brewing Bump N' Grind and Clown Shoes Sombrero Mexican Stout. Their site breaks the beers down by style so you can browse for whatever ale or lager you're in the mood for. Click ASAP for delivery and they state they will have it to you within an hour. Crafthounds did text me stating they were out of two selections I made. They offer you the chance to text them back with replacements and at times will give you suggestions to match the style of beer you were originally ordering. I ended up with the Horchata Imperial Stout from Belching Beaver, Decadent Imperial IPA from Ska Brewing, Clown Shoes Sombrero did actually come in and as a four pack at that! The Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA also came in a four pack. So two of my original options did arrive and I had to settle for replacements on the other two. When the delivery does arrive happiness overcomes a rather somber mood. A delivery driver comes to your door with a stamped logo bag, asks for your driver's license and if I remember correctly they took a picture of it. The driver explained my replacement beers to me to the best of his knowledge and was excited about my choices. They smile and if you want to (I did) you can hand them a tip for their services. This was all three months ago when I initially made that order.

Fast forward three months later to a fine summertime evening. A house guest and I got to talking about beer and he's truly intrigued by my story about visiting Westvleteren (Belgium) and going to Saint Sixtus Abbey, which is where trappist monks brew one of the most coveted and rare beers in the world, Westvleteren 12. In our conversation I mentioned the history behind St. Bernardus brewing Westvleteren 12 for them in the past and that the closest thing to Westvleteren 12 he could try is St. Bernardus ABT 12. With so much hype I mention we might be able to order it right then and there for delivery. So here I am again on Crafthounds at about 11:45pm trying to order two bottles of St. Bernardus ABT 12. I put in my order delivery for ASAP and here we go again. I got to the checkout section and clicked to finish my order. The Crafthounds site just reset and I had to enter my information again. So my guest really wants to try ABT 12 and I try to make the order again....... hmmmm no dice on that one either. We agreed that maybe the site is down and our order won't go through. Boo hoo we didn't get the beer we ordered that night, but we sufficed with whiskey. The next day I grabbed two bottles of ABT 12 at a nearby bottle shop and checked my email. Crafthounds contacted me about two orders placed for ABT 12. What? I think to myself my orders never went through, however it showed I was charged twice for the two entries I made with my card. Unfortunately none of those orders came through at the time I ordered them so I asked for my full refund and mentioned I grabbed my bottles at a retailer instead of having them within the promised hour the night before. Two errors on their part, but they again offered me free delivery on my next order which usually saves me about ten dollars. I plan on using them again since they are gaining more suppliers for their inventory, but I am going to try the many other alcohol delivery services to see how they stand up against Crafthounds. They're still a young company so i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. There are always kinks to work out when you're introducing a new service. Peace - Art.

- Written by Art Tejada. Art is a contributor and creative behind Tuff Rocking. Art spent his time studying in the Craft Brewing certificate program at UCSD and working at North Park Beer Company in San Diego. No longer in the brewing industry Art focuses his time on creating pure dopeness for Tuff Rocking and the Not So Fresh Podcast.