Big So Cal Euro 2017

 One of my favorites from Big So Cal Euro.

One of my favorites from Big So Cal Euro.

Every year around this time of early September a huge automotive enthusiast crowd takes up the western side of the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot. If you're from San Diego, chances are you've caught the Porsche club racing on the same lot. You might have caught the SCCA racing events burning rubber on that same exact lot, but this event grabs a much larger crowd. Nope it's not the Friday night 1/8 mile race event either.

This past Sunday the team that runs Big So Cal Euro once again opened up their gates for yet another successful European car show, a yearly event held at Qualcomm Stadium's parking lot. A car show that has plenty of vendors, food trucks, drag racing and of course Euro cars on display. Everybody is in attendance, old timers with an affection for Volvo's, younger couples into VW's, you think of it they might be hanging out with their family and friends. My first Big So Cal show was just last year, after owning classic American muscle I landed into a classic European Ford, a 1968 Ford Cortina built for the track and looking like a Euro touring race car, however this year I showed up in a much smaller ride, my Mk5 Mini. I had one of two classic Minis in attendance, as you will see in the photos to follow Dennis Santarinala's Rallye Replica Mini stole the show for a lot of the attendees. Props to the small British cars with a big reaction! With an incredibly rocky week of insane weather in the 100's we ran into a Sunday with rain. Luckily a little bit of water didn't ruin the show this year as many BMW's, Porsches, VW's, etc. rolled out to provide the rays of glimmering shine the crowd lusted for. Pictures speak way more than words, so i'll wrap this up and get on with the photos.

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Photos and words by Art Tejada. Art is a part time classic car enthusiast and currently drives a MK5 Mini. Starting off with classic American rides like a 67 Ford Bronco and a 54 F100 he eventually landed in a European Ford (68 Cortina) which led him to Big So Cal Euro in 2016. Peace.