Tuff Rocking is a lifestyle media company covering the arts, culture, and current news events. Founded on June 23, 2016 in San Diego, California, this cooperative consists of a Podcast, Vlogs, a video production team, and a website. They are also behind the San Diego breaking event “the Get Down” (no affiliation with the Netflix show).


The reason you're probably reading this website is because of what we do. In the fall of 2016 after much debate and throwing ideas at each other, we decided to start a podcast. As big fans of other podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, we figured we could begin with a new, fresh perspective in the podcast community created by a bunch of guys that come from the hip hop crowd. Normally our schedule is to record a podcast every other week with a special guest or two, but if we can't help it we will sometimes fit extra podcasts in. In the early 2000's Mad Mike Logik threw a local hip hop event known as "The Get Down." No relation at all to the Netflix show..... at all. These events consisted of mainly bboy/bgirl battles with the occasional dose of graffiti, rap battles and of course DJ's to provide the music. Fast forward to over a decade later and we've decided to bring "The Get Down" back to life with a better venue, better prizes, better atmosphere and much more. The Get Down will take place July 22nd 2017 at Centro Cultural De La Raza in San Diego's historic Balboa Park.

Ughhhh yeaauughhhhh
— Art Tejada, Not So Fresh Podcast
Listening to your podcast with Manolo right now. It’s a good one!
— Aaron Nabus, Hall H Show, SDCC Fit
Yo shout out to the Not So
Fresh Podcast... this is the studio yeah?
— Poe One, Style Elements/Rock So Fresh
Your podcast about felching is hilarious.
— Jay Rosso, Vinyl Frontier

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