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In the Not So Fresh Podcast's 27th episode we feature a very large figure in the world of breaking/bboy/dance with our special guest Poe One. Poe One represents a variety of crews around the world but he is mostly known for his work with Style Elements and Rock So Fresh. Live in a packed studio we had Poe One, Roxrite, Bgirl Paulina, Sumo Rock, Eddie Styles and Just Art is Fine listening in on our interview.

• Poe speaks about his upbringing from California - NYC - Puerto Rico. • • Poe and Roxrite discuss last weekend's Freestyle Session 20th Anniversary. Poe speaks about the judge's POV and how it was to rate and score the breaking battles while Roxrite give his insight to how it was as a competitor and making it to the final battle with his crew, Squadron.
• We discuss a problem that seems to plague the breaking community. What's the deal with bboys/girls showing up to jams late all the time?!
• Poe One talks about how he got down with Rock So Fresh, what he saw in Rock So Fresh and how he got battled in. RSF is the only crew he has ever asked to be down with.
• Poe One discusses the benefits of being a well travelled bboy & training with different crews around the world.
• Roxrite Googles section is back with Roxrite reading the definition for "HOT RICHARD".
• We have a special edition of Poe One Googles as he reads the definition for, "BOSTON GEORGE".
• Poe One talks about why he wasn't at the 1997 Battle Of The Year where Style Elements won the title. 
• Poe and Roxrite discuss Poe's history battling at Radiotron.
• Apologies for cutting this podcast short, we wanted to go more into depth with Poe on his dancing history and stories but we had other obligations as it was Rock So Fresh's 16th annniversary crew meet up that night.



In the Not So Fresh Podcast #26 Mike, Saso and Destilj discuss a range of topics that have crossed their minds.

We talk about
• what we dressed up as for halloween
• digestive health... aka why was Destijl shitting like crazy for 10 days straight and what you should be doing to help your own gut.
• Why Wendy Williams fainted live on TV.... uhhh we like pop culture too.
• What a 'hair of the dog" is and why it helps with a hangover
• How it is for Saso being a new dog owner.
• With poo poo health on the deck we talk about Roxrite's diet trends.
• Sexual harassment, i.e. - Harvey Weinsten, the GLK incident, Kevin Spacey and more.
• Cultural appropriation and the "barefoot bohemian", blonde hair, blue eyed chick that tried to start a kickstarter for a "modern fruteria" in Barrio Logan. A well known hispanic neighborhood in San Diego.
• We watch the Bellator MMA fights as Ilima MacFarlane wins her title with our homies and recent NSF Podcast guests Richie Boogeyman Martinez and Manolo Hurricane Hernandez in her corner.
• Hip Hop DJ's that play BS.

All on the latest Not So Fresh Podcast!!!!!!

Mad Mike Logik



In podcast #25 Bboy Nico from the crew Uncomfortably Fresh joins us in the studio to talk about his breaking aspirations and inspirations. The top jams he aspires to get to such as Red Bull BC One and Undisputed. We talk about his training regimen and how his diet affects his competitive breaking. We learn about Nico's video project where he shoots one breaking video per day for 365 days. The project started on 9/11/2017, you can catch it on his Instagram at @nicospins. We also get into Nico's private breaking lessons he teaches under the name of Break-5-8 LLC. Also, the crew talks about the importance of having a social media presence to further one's self, in this instance it's about the bboy scene. The Not So Fresh crew as always continues in their masochist ways of talking mad shit! We do include ROXRITE GOOGLES in this edition, with the special terminology of KENTUCKY TRACTOR PULLER. Enjoy!



In episode #24 of the Not So Fresh Podcast Aaron from Hall H Show ( returns to discuss a variety of topics. Hall H is a pop culture/comics centric podcast so this episode we go over a lot of nerd topics. Also, our friend Evan pops in as a guest, having been to numerous SD Comic Cons throughout the years. Aaron actually declared we do a Drunkcast. Where we get drunk and podcast w/o an outline laid out. Pretty typical of the NSF Podcast.

We discuss the latest movies we've seen that relate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, music and the latest shows we're digging on Netflix. Throughout the cast we discuss what comic related conventions Aaron has attended since his last visit on NSF Podcast. The Long Beach comic con and the San Diego Comic Con are hot topics as we reminisce about the old days of the SDCC when we first attended in the 90's.

There are plenty of tangents where we run off and start conversations about SPAM, how the SDCC fits SD better than the Chargers, fast food in the Philippines, the state of craft beer in San Diego plus much more.

Closer to the end the man himself BBoy Roxrite enters the studio to discuss his latest travels and bboy competitions he's entered/judged. He gives the audience a lot of insight on bboy lifestyle. We also re-introduce ROXRITE GOOGLES a popular segment where Roxrite googles a term and reads it to the audience. Find out what Broral is this time around..... all on the NOT SO FRESH PODCAST.

Starring: Aaron Nabus, Destijl, Evan, Roxrite

Hall H Show:
IG: hallhdotcom

Not So Fresh Podcast:
IG: tuffrocking





In episode 23 of the NSF Podcast we have special guest Cros 1 from Freestyle Session and Armory Massive. Cros was one of the premiere bboys in San Diego during the 90's. A bboy entrepreneur and promoter that started Freestyle Session in 1997 that has grown into a huge worldwide event for breakers around the world. Join us as we go over the most recent Undisputed World Bboy series and see which bboys/girls are competing at the world finals in San Diego this coming January. We also go over which young San Diego bboys and bgirls have been showing and proving lately. What is going on with the Youth Olympics and whether or not breaking will actually be a part of it. What Cros plans to do after the Freestyle Session crew battles in November and Undisputed finals in January. How he has dealt with the breaking crowd for so long. His history in martial arts and its relation to breaking. Why we need to support each other in the industry and more! All right here on the Not So Fresh Podcast!






In Episode 22 of the Not So Fresh Podcast we have special guest, Manolo Hurricane Hernandez, the head MMA Coach from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Diego joining us.

Few fun facts about Manolo:
• He trained at the famous Lions Den (Ken Shamrock)in San Diego during the early MMA days.
• Earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Carlos Valente.
• Head MMA coach at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Diego.
• Coached (Carmouche) the first female MMA fight in the UFC (Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche UFC 157).

Manolo was raised in San Diego and has been through a lot while witnessing the growth of MMA as a sport. Listen in as we learn about Manolo's early friendships with mutual friends of ours here at NSF Podcast. Also hear the story about how he got his start training in karate and moving on by accepting a heavyweight match, his days as a bouncer at famed bars and nightclubs around San Diego, his experience with the early unsanctioned illegal fights in MMA, running around Plaza Bonita getting into trouble, crazy sex stories throughout his bouncer days, rise in the current MMA scene and coaching Liz Carmouche from her beginnings at San Diego Combat Academy to where she is now as a top ranked female in the UFC, His other fighters he's taken to the UFC/Bellator/Strikeforce and what it took to get there, plus many more very graphic in nature stories that are hilarious! Listen in and be prepared for a great podcast.

Starring: Destijl, Saso, Mike Logik, Manolo Hernandez


In Not So Fresh Podcast #21 we review what went down at our latest breaking competition The Get Down. We talk about our highs and lows and what we expect to improve upon. We loved the raffles/prizes, Saso's costume changes and his breaking dinosaur that went viral. We go over a new segment called "fucked up thoughts", where we share a bad thought we had that week. Our experience with road rage on fools comes up and Mike let's us in on his social experiment on race. As always we close it out with what we're currently listening to in the music world.