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In podcast #38 of the Not So Fresh Podcast we have special guest Ann Smooth representing Rock Force Crew and Soul Heavy. A San Diego raised woman now residing in the Bay Area. We discuss:

• Ann corrects us on the use of the "X" in "WOMXN" and why the 'e' or 'a' in "women" is replaced with an "X". Confused? So are we!

• Mike Logik talks about having a "Good Dick Day".

• We get into how it is to use Tinder and other dating apps as the conversation continues from our last podcast.

• Ann dishes the info on one of her Tinder dates that went wrong and the importance of having an exit plan for these dates. This is the Tinder Party we spoke of in our previous podcast.

• Dating online vs. meeting people in person/public.

• Ann gives her insight on the importance of women in hip hop.

• Roxrite has a new name for Mike Logik, "Thirsty Mike", as he asks Ann for dating advice.

• We make fun of people's profiles on dating apps.

• Roxrite Googles is back! He googles, "Mexican Salad".

As usual we go off on tangents and close with what we've been listening to lately.

Peace - Destijl



In podcast #37 the crew goes in on each other and discuss:

• Latest annoying social media trends such at "May The Fourth Be With You"
• Why we love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
• Why Mike wears tight ass T shirts with nipple views.
• How the latest dating apps compare to the vast majority of apps.
• Can you get catfished on today's dating apps?
• Are you on a dating app? Can you message us your experiences?
• We ask Roxrite how much money are bboys making nowadays in the professional realm of breaking? Six figure bboys exist?!
• Bboys/girls acting like divas in the breaking world, are they justified? What's up with their inspirational quotes?
• Mental health issues with bboys/girls?
• What is selling out in breaking?
• Creating your own lane in the breaking world to create an entity, is it possible? The skateboard industry did it!
• Roxrite updates his latest travels with Red Bull Cypher Houston and Bgirl battles.
• Why are women now spelling "women", with "WOMXN" replacing the a or e with and X?
• People putting their lives out on Instagram and then all of a sudden having relationship problems for us to laugh at.
• Fat shaming.
• Plus much more! This is a fun one!

Peace - Destijl



Ready for Infinity War?! Then check out our new Not So Fresh Podcast featuring Aaron Nabus from the Hall H Show YES WE GEEK OUT TOO FOO!

On our 36th chamber of episodes we welcome back Aaron Nabus from the Hall H Show. Aaron has now appeared three times on our podcast to talk about what's going on in the comic and pop culture world. In this episode we discuss:

• San Diego Comic Fest
• Update with Hall H
• The current state of comics
• Black Heroes Matter (Mike goes off on this topic about how important it is to have a black hero in the comics and on screen. Is Mike right for saying Falcon, War Machine and Blade ain't shit, but Black Panther is great?
• Black Comix Day (Keithan Jones - KID Comics)
• We go into the movie Black Panther and its importance. Was the movie too late? Or was it right on time with its release date?
• International Mobile Film Festival
• Deadpool 2, will it be good?
• Fantastia Con
• Infinity War releases in one week, we address all the conspiracy theories that people have vlogged about. Who kills Thanos? Where is the Soul Stone? Hawkeye? White Wolf's importance? Who dies in Infinity War? Who is the Black Order? Is Hugh Jackman appearing as Wolverine in this movie?!

As usual we finish the podcast with our updates of what/who we've been listening to.

Peace - Destijl



In podcast #35 we welcome Roxrite back to the podcast studio after two months in Europe on his Red Bull BC One trip. The things we cover in this podcast are:

• Our sponsor HOBCoffee and their sponsorship for our latest event prize pack. hobcoffeedotcom.

• We welcome Roxrite back and he does a recap of his monumental 100th and 101st wins in his bboy career.

• Roxrite has bboy trading cards made in his honor, an Adidas collaboration jersey and pins were also made. We go over these collector's items.

•Roxrite has short animated stories on social media about his wins, look him up on Instagram @roxrite95

• We give Roxrite a chance to respond to Godoyski's claims that he did not beat him at a footwork battle, which counted towards one of Roxrite's 100 wins.

• The Not So Fresh Podcast crew held a 100 win party for Roxrite when he came back on 3/24, we also recap that event that was held in Balboa Park in San Diego.

• Who else is up on approaching 100 wins? Are their wins considered quality or quantity? Do little gym battles amount to worldwide big competitions? Are certain bboys ducking other bboys to keep their win record up?

• How it is being able to carry on a career in breaking, advice for some of the younger breakers trying to come up in the scene.

• Roxrite was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and the front page of covering his 100th win.

• We introduce a new segment where Roxrite reads mean YouTube comments/tweets about himself.

• We go over a lot more and of course we end the podcast with what we've been listening to since the last podcast.





In podcast #34 we bring in our own crew mate from Rock So Fresh, the Get Busy Bboy Godoyski. Godoyski goes back with us in the Rock So Fresh days. A well known muralist, designer, artist, bboy and all around great guy describes Godoyski best. Catch him online at
In this episode we cover:
• How we met Godoyski and how it was in the early days of his days around RSF.
• Godoyski was an army brat and grew up around the world.
• Raised on a farm in El Centro for part of his childhood.
• Was Godoyski a cholo? Cholo culture and how many times did he get jumped into the same gang?!
• What some of Godoyski's influences are for his art, dancing, etc.
• Why Godoy is suck a standout among a lot of dancers in Europe.
• Was Godoyski an influence in some European bboy's styles after witnessing Godoyski here in San Diego?
• We go over Godoyski's beginnings in hip hop, how he started breaking and getting into art.
• Godoy and his bro having to hide any article of clothing that resembled cholo outfits and how his first tapes were the Cypress Hill album and Kid Frost.
• We congratulate our own BBoy Roxrite from the podcast for winning his 100th competition win. However, Godoyski disputes one of those 100 wins because he believes Roxrite never beat him in a footwork battle years ago! Listen to Godoy dispute him!
• A lot of this is us going down memory lane and calling out certain things about our personal lives growing up in Southern California culture as Mexicans/Filipinos kids identifying with hip hop and more while we get pretty intoxicated!
• As usual we close it out with what we've been listening to since the last podcast.

Apologies, we meant to get serious but we ended up just having a good ass time catching up with Godoyski!




In podcast #33 we feature world renown DJ Neil Armstrong from New York City. Neil represents 5th Platoon, a legendary DJ battle crew during the DMC/ITF heyday and was Jay - Z's tour DJ from 2008 - 2010.

In this podcast we talk about:
• Neil Armstrong being mistaken for Lance Armstrong.
• How he came up making R&B mixtapes and the groundbreaking "Bittersweet", mixtape that put Neil up on the map.
• Growing up during the 1990's in New York City. Seeing Q-tip at the local Tower Records like it's a daily operation, running into Mos Def at the local park and being around their freestyle cyphers. Attending and spinning at Rock Steady Crew's yearly anniversaries.
• Neil's came up and started DJ'ing because of the legendary crews like Invisible Skratch Piklz, X-Men and Beat Junkies.
• How Neil learned to spin from the X-Men's own DJ's Mista Sinista and Total Eclipse.
• Neil gives good insight into how it was being Jay - Z's tour DJ. He tells a few stories about being part of Jigga's crew and hearing Jay's ideas on "History". We also get to hear about how it was for Neil as the first DJ to ever spin/scratch at a presidential inauguration. Neil credits his Bittersweet mixtape to how he came about as Jay's DJ.
• Neil speaks about his feelings on Serato and its inception. Roxrite asks about Red Bull 3 Style where we discuss how technology and new instruments have made DJ'ing/battling almost too easy for anyone to battle nowadays.
• We slightly go from talking about the Obama Presidency Inauguration and into some political talk about Obama's policies, don't worry we keep it pretty short!
• We talk about Neil's favorite places to spin throughout the world, then go into the current state of hip hop. How kids create music that sounds exactly like what's already currently out, almost like cloning a clone.
• As usual we close out with what we've been listening to the past week and of course.....

Roxrite Googles: "The Unicorn".

If you want to sponsor us we're taking considerations! Coffee sponsors, shirt printing, gear, audio and whatever might be of use! Let us know!

Thanks for listening - Destijl


PODCAST #32 Red Bull BC One All Stars Neguin (Brazil) and Menno (Holland).

In The Not So Fresh Podcast episode 32 we feature guests

Neguin (Brazil/Supercrew) and Menno (Holland/Hustle Kidz) both representing Red Bull BC One All Stars with our own Bboy Roxrite (Renegades).

In this podcast we cover:

• Neguin talks about his time on the Blaze Tour when he met and toured with Madonna. He spent 1.5 yrs on tour with Madonna.

• Menno speaks about his theater performance experience in Holland and how he was nominated for a "Swan Award".

• Both Menno and Neguin speak about having an open perspective balancing theater and breaking with their dance careers. Hear about how Menno had to perform a 55 minute theater routine while having to take a shit. Look up his theater performance on Youtube "Menno - Rise Up"

• Which of the Red Bull BC One All Stars is the worst to travel with.

• Neguin and Roxrite talk about facing racism while traveling the world.

• The type of battles that have really tested and pushed their limits and how they train for dancing/workouts.

• Neguin speaks about his capoeira background and how it ties in with his breaking and the similarities to hip hop. He was a world champ in Brazil with capoeira.

• Neguin drops a lot of knowledge on the history of race in Brazil.

• What are his feelings on the movie, "Only The Strong". A cult classic 90's film that depicts Mark Dacascos using capoeira to help at risk youth.

• Did Bboys bite capoeistas in NY? Is capoeira where bboys got a lot of their moves/movement from?

• Menno tells us how the breaking scene is in Holland and how his crew Hustle Kidz rose up in the battle scene.

• This edition of Roxrite Googles became Neguin Googles as he took the duty on to google the sexual term, "Milwaukee Blizzard".

• How to get exposure through battling and creating brands beyond just the breaking scene.

• Going from having boring "9-5 jobs" to being able to live comfortably from breaking.

• Speaking of creating brands, Menno talks about his line of track suits he created. Find them at

• We discuss the Undisputed Bboy Finals here in San Diego this weekend and what to expect from it. Shout out to Cros One for bringing it to San Diego. As of this podcast posting, our own Roxrite took home win #99 with Neguin and Victor. Roxrite is now 1 win away from reaching 100 wins.

• As usual we go off on random tangents and start talking shit like any other podcast we've done. We close with what we've been listening to lately and thank you all for listening.


Peace - Destijl RSF


PODCAST #31 Bboys, Trump, Logan Paul & The War On Men

In episode #31 of the Not So Fresh Podcast the crew covers:

• The #MeToo movement and we re-visit the WAR ON MEN. Are women abusing the MeToo movement and calling out anybody from the past? Do men need to be more careful with what they say?
• Re cap episode #30 with Roxrite and go over the issue of bboys or those in the hip hop community that come out about sexuality.
• Listener question submissions from Poe One, Melissa Adao and more.
• We recap "Fatal Sting", a San Diego breaking jam (1/6) and how Roxrite gained win 97 there. Roxrite is now 3 wins away from 100.
• We talk about the times we've had to encounter females with hairy bushes in past sexual escapades.
• Trump's "Shithole Countries", comment is a topic of conversation. Did his comment make the US look like the shithole?
• Speaking of shitholes, we go over the fall out of some Youtuber named Logan Paul and the unspeakable acts he did in Japan.
• We update you on the upcoming jams such as Cypher Adikts (Los Angeles), Undisputed Bboy Masters Final (San Diego), Ultimate Mat Warriors (Jiu Jitsu comp in San Diego), The King of What (Baltimore)and more.
• Roxrite Googles: Kentucky Klondike Bar
• As usual we go off on tangents and end with what we've been listening to.
- Destijl



In episode 30 of the Not So Fresh Podcast we have guests in studio visiting from Japan. Bboy Flash aka Ryan Babers Art and Bboy Jed are both from Epic Styles Crew and came up in the bboy scene in San Diego along Saso, Destijl and the rest of the scene. Some of the issues we discussed are:

• How they came up with the name for Epic Styles
• How Flash has been in Japan for the past few years teaching English.
• If these single Japanese moms have hit on Flash while he is a teacher.
• Dealing with bad kids in his classroom and what he has done to make his stay in Japan a memorable one.
• We go over a few memories from 2017 as well as past memories with Epic Styles Crew from past jams.
• Black Thought's epic freestyle and how he claims to have invented Mumble Rap
• We go over an upcoming jam on 1/7 in San Diego called, "Fatal Sting".
• Why companies have made realistic masks of black men's faces and why white men are using them to commit crimes.
• The Apple iPhone drama where they admitted to slowing down older model iPhones to make their loyal customers buy the newest iPhone after its release.
• We talk about the "War on Men".
• We ask Flash about facing some racism in Japan.
• We discuss the position of gay bboys, why would it be hard for a bboy to come out and discuss their sexual preference? Is it hard for a member of the hip hop community to discuss this? We go over Mike Logik getting hit on by gay men in Hillcrest and how gay jokes go over with gay guys. Does the hip hop community look down on homosexuality and why?
• Who is.... Chris Dynamite? Find out more about this mythical figure that would cause such a commotion with RSF and Epic Styles.
• As usual we go off on different tangents and end with what music we have been listening to since the last Not So Fresh Podcast.

- Destijl



In the Not So Fresh Podcast #29 the podcast crew discusses:
• Saso's latest endeavor with entering a big Crossfit competition in San Diego known as Reindeer Games. He explains how it was to enter his first competition and at the advanced level.

• Roxrite gives us the latest updates and news on the most recent competitions from the bboy community around the globe.

• We also answer questions submitted to us via Instagram from our listeners. These questions include:
- What dancers can do after retirement (creating your own brand and studios centered on advanced levels or breaking).
- Who's your favorite B Girl?
- Where do we see B Girl culture heading?
- The do's and dont's of battling or preparing for a battle.
- Why are podcasts and vlogs a trend now. How to be successful in creating them? (trolling NSF)
- How to freelance successfully.
- Should Qween B return? (Classic bgirl jam from SD)
- What we do want to see during 2018 (goals/resolutions).

Also, we have another edition of ROXRITE GOOGLES! This edition's google word was submitted by our good friend Sake. Roxrite googles, "Alabama Hot Pocket".

As always, we end with what we've been listening to in the music world.

We'd like to thank our listeners that hit us up on Instagram for their questions! Please stay tuned for our next podcast questionnaire! We'd like to hear what you guys want answered on the next...... Not So Fresh Podcast. Peace! 
- Destijl



In the Not So Fresh Podcast #28 the crew consisting of Destijl, Saso, Mike and Roxrite Discuss:

• Bboy updates with Roxrite - summary of what has happened in the past weeks concerning bboy events and whatnot, also what we might be fed up with.
• Roxrite recently gained bboy battle win #96, Roxrite is on the quest for 100 bboy wins early in 2018 and has a project coming up he can't quite discuss just yet.
• Hip Hop New! Russell Simmons steps down from his CEO position and Matt Lauer is accused of being a predator on women as well. Has the #MeToo movement come to prevalance where females are confident in calling out their past predators? Listen to our take on it.
• Bare Butts in Thailand. The gay couple from Hillcrest, San Diego that go by "Traveling Butts", Instagram handle are jailed in Thailand for exposing their bare asses in public at a holy site. The couple can be jailed in Thailand for up to 7 years, see: Claire Danes, movie: Brokedown Palace.
• Another edition of Roxrite Googles is in effect with Alaskan Blow Torch as our terminology for this NSF Podcast.
• As always, we close it out with what we listened to in the past week. Our music choices since our last podcast.

Starring: Bboy Roxrite, King Saso, Mad Mike Logik and The Real Deal Destijl

Shoutout to Loyal & Dedicated, check them out at
for their fresh gear.

Or on their Instagram account at



In the Not So Fresh Podcast's 27th episode we feature a very large figure in the world of breaking/bboy/dance with our special guest Poe One. Poe One represents a variety of crews around the world but he is mostly known for his work with Style Elements and Rock So Fresh. Live in a packed studio we had Poe One, Roxrite, Bgirl Paulina, Sumo Rock, Eddie Styles and Just Art is Fine listening in on our interview.

• Poe speaks about his upbringing from California - NYC - Puerto Rico. • • Poe and Roxrite discuss last weekend's Freestyle Session 20th Anniversary. Poe speaks about the judge's POV and how it was to rate and score the breaking battles while Roxrite give his insight to how it was as a competitor and making it to the final battle with his crew, Squadron.
• We discuss a problem that seems to plague the breaking community. What's the deal with bboys/girls showing up to jams late all the time?!
• Poe One talks about how he got down with Rock So Fresh, what he saw in Rock So Fresh and how he got battled in. RSF is the only crew he has ever asked to be down with.
• Poe One discusses the benefits of being a well travelled bboy & training with different crews around the world.
• Roxrite Googles section is back with Roxrite reading the definition for "HOT RICHARD".
• We have a special edition of Poe One Googles as he reads the definition for, "BOSTON GEORGE".
• Poe One talks about why he wasn't at the 1997 Battle Of The Year where Style Elements won the title. 
• Poe and Roxrite discuss Poe's history battling at Radiotron.
• Apologies for cutting this podcast short, we wanted to go more into depth with Poe on his dancing history and stories but we had other obligations as it was Rock So Fresh's 16th annniversary crew meet up that night.



In the Not So Fresh Podcast #26 Mike, Saso and Destilj discuss a range of topics that have crossed their minds.

We talk about
• what we dressed up as for halloween
• digestive health... aka why was Destijl shitting like crazy for 10 days straight and what you should be doing to help your own gut.
• Why Wendy Williams fainted live on TV.... uhhh we like pop culture too.
• What a 'hair of the dog" is and why it helps with a hangover
• How it is for Saso being a new dog owner.
• With poo poo health on the deck we talk about Roxrite's diet trends.
• Sexual harassment, i.e. - Harvey Weinsten, the GLK incident, Kevin Spacey and more.
• Cultural appropriation and the "barefoot bohemian", blonde hair, blue eyed chick that tried to start a kickstarter for a "modern fruteria" in Barrio Logan. A well known hispanic neighborhood in San Diego.
• We watch the Bellator MMA fights as Ilima MacFarlane wins her title with our homies and recent NSF Podcast guests Richie Boogeyman Martinez and Manolo Hurricane Hernandez in her corner.
• Hip Hop DJ's that play BS.

All on the latest Not So Fresh Podcast!!!!!!

Mad Mike Logik



In podcast #25 Bboy Nico from the crew Uncomfortably Fresh joins us in the studio to talk about his breaking aspirations and inspirations. The top jams he aspires to get to such as Red Bull BC One and Undisputed. We talk about his training regimen and how his diet affects his competitive breaking. We learn about Nico's video project where he shoots one breaking video per day for 365 days. The project started on 9/11/2017, you can catch it on his Instagram at @nicospins. We also get into Nico's private breaking lessons he teaches under the name of Break-5-8 LLC. Also, the crew talks about the importance of having a social media presence to further one's self, in this instance it's about the bboy scene. The Not So Fresh crew as always continues in their masochist ways of talking mad shit! We do include ROXRITE GOOGLES in this edition, with the special terminology of KENTUCKY TRACTOR PULLER. Enjoy!



In episode #24 of the Not So Fresh Podcast Aaron from Hall H Show ( returns to discuss a variety of topics. Hall H is a pop culture/comics centric podcast so this episode we go over a lot of nerd topics. Also, our friend Evan pops in as a guest, having been to numerous SD Comic Cons throughout the years. Aaron actually declared we do a Drunkcast. Where we get drunk and podcast w/o an outline laid out. Pretty typical of the NSF Podcast.

We discuss the latest movies we've seen that relate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, music and the latest shows we're digging on Netflix. Throughout the cast we discuss what comic related conventions Aaron has attended since his last visit on NSF Podcast. The Long Beach comic con and the San Diego Comic Con are hot topics as we reminisce about the old days of the SDCC when we first attended in the 90's.

There are plenty of tangents where we run off and start conversations about SPAM, how the SDCC fits SD better than the Chargers, fast food in the Philippines, the state of craft beer in San Diego plus much more.

Closer to the end the man himself BBoy Roxrite enters the studio to discuss his latest travels and bboy competitions he's entered/judged. He gives the audience a lot of insight on bboy lifestyle. We also re-introduce ROXRITE GOOGLES a popular segment where Roxrite googles a term and reads it to the audience. Find out what Broral is this time around..... all on the NOT SO FRESH PODCAST.

Starring: Aaron Nabus, Destijl, Evan, Roxrite

Hall H Show:
IG: hallhdotcom

Not So Fresh Podcast:
IG: tuffrocking





In episode 23 of the NSF Podcast we have special guest Cros 1 from Freestyle Session and Armory Massive. Cros was one of the premiere bboys in San Diego during the 90's. A bboy entrepreneur and promoter that started Freestyle Session in 1997 that has grown into a huge worldwide event for breakers around the world. Join us as we go over the most recent Undisputed World Bboy series and see which bboys/girls are competing at the world finals in San Diego this coming January. We also go over which young San Diego bboys and bgirls have been showing and proving lately. What is going on with the Youth Olympics and whether or not breaking will actually be a part of it. What Cros plans to do after the Freestyle Session crew battles in November and Undisputed finals in January. How he has dealt with the breaking crowd for so long. His history in martial arts and its relation to breaking. Why we need to support each other in the industry and more! All right here on the Not So Fresh Podcast!






In Episode 22 of the Not So Fresh Podcast we have special guest, Manolo Hurricane Hernandez, the head MMA Coach from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Diego joining us.

Few fun facts about Manolo:
• He trained at the famous Lions Den (Ken Shamrock)in San Diego during the early MMA days.
• Earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Carlos Valente.
• Head MMA coach at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Diego.
• Coached (Carmouche) the first female MMA fight in the UFC (Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche UFC 157).

Manolo was raised in San Diego and has been through a lot while witnessing the growth of MMA as a sport. Listen in as we learn about Manolo's early friendships with mutual friends of ours here at NSF Podcast. Also hear the story about how he got his start training in karate and moving on by accepting a heavyweight match, his days as a bouncer at famed bars and nightclubs around San Diego, his experience with the early unsanctioned illegal fights in MMA, running around Plaza Bonita getting into trouble, crazy sex stories throughout his bouncer days, rise in the current MMA scene and coaching Liz Carmouche from her beginnings at San Diego Combat Academy to where she is now as a top ranked female in the UFC, His other fighters he's taken to the UFC/Bellator/Strikeforce and what it took to get there, plus many more very graphic in nature stories that are hilarious! Listen in and be prepared for a great podcast.

Starring: Destijl, Saso, Mike Logik, Manolo Hernandez


In Not So Fresh Podcast #21 we review what went down at our latest breaking competition The Get Down. We talk about our highs and lows and what we expect to improve upon. We loved the raffles/prizes, Saso's costume changes and his breaking dinosaur that went viral. We go over a new segment called "fucked up thoughts", where we share a bad thought we had that week. Our experience with road rage on fools comes up and Mike let's us in on his social experiment on race. As always we close it out with what we're currently listening to in the music world.