The first event...

The First event thrown by the Get Down Brothers was in April 2003. From 2003 - 2007 the Get Down was a local favorite event providing a platform for young dancers and artists to showcase their love for hip hop culture. During this time, the Get Down Brothers threw dozens of events at the Epicentre in Mira Mesa and The Culture Shock Dance Studio. Now, ten years later since the last Get Down event back in July 2007, The Get Down returns! Ready to throw another event for San Diego’s hip hop community.

The Get Down was inspired by the community parties, block parties and park jams, known as the first hip-hop jams, thrown in the Bronx in the 60's through early 70's. Within these jams, DJ's provided music and people would dance. This became the epicenter of graffiti artists, DJ's, bboys, and eventually emcees. This was the melting pot for different scenes that then became one hip-hop culture. Now, over 40 years later, we are still doing it. This culture has carried on and influenced many regions, cultures, and generations; the same formula in a new era. Committed to bridging the gap between pioneers and the youth of today, the Get Down Brothers are still pursuing their goals of maintaining a positive urban dance environment in which the local youth can express themselves in.

This event is inspired by those who started these jams, as well as to showcase its evolution from one neighborhood event to a global subculture. Our goals include exhibiting the progression of the dance, exploring new mediums of the art, and presenting how so much has changed but even more importantly... how things have stayed the same.

The image The Get Down strives to capture, is not some big dance competition or some snobby art exhibition, but the type of vibe that was alive during its heyday. We want others to experience the social gatherings of talent, the funky beats of the DJ’s, the gathering of people who share the same love for the arts, the dance, and the music, with a POSITIVE vibe. Although it is not possible to get back the feeling that those people in the Bronx experienced during the 70s, it is possible to remember why we are involved in this scene and how the past has influenced us. The Get Down Brothers, now in their 14th year of bridging the gap between generations, are still committed to bboy culture, the community, and keeping that community jam vibe alive. 

The most recent event was held Saturday July 22nd 2017 at Centro Cultural De La Raza in beautiful Balboa Park. San Diego, CA.

Stay tuned for future events.


Winners of the 2 vs. 2 breaking competition The Get Down are Roxrite (Renegades, Red Bull BC One All Stars) and Mike The Cure aka Tony Stark (Knuckleheads).

 Congratulations to Bboys Roxrite (Renegades)  and (Mike The Cure) for winning this event of The Get Down!

Congratulations to Bboys Roxrite (Renegades)  and (Mike The Cure) for winning this event of The Get Down!

Video of the 2 vs. 2 final at The Get Down breaking competition.



What happened at The Get Down jam:

Date: July 22nd 2017

Location: Centro Cultural De La Raza. Located in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Format: 2 vs. 2 Bboy/Bgirl battle

Time: 4:00pm start time! Ends at 9:00pm!

Prizes: $1,000 USD cash prize for the winners of the 2 vs. 2 battle!

Judges: AirNick (Banguhrang), Optic (Rock So Fresh), Chyna.

Winners: Roxrite (Renegades/Red Bull BC One All Stars) Mike The Cure/Tony Stark (Knuckleheads).

 Vendor line up at The Get Down 7/22/2017

Vendor line up at The Get Down 7/22/2017

 We held a fundraiser for Centro Cultural De La Raza to help throw The Get Down.

We held a fundraiser for Centro Cultural De La Raza to help throw The Get Down.