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Not So Fresh Podcast #20 with our guest Koolski is now up!

On the Not So Fresh Podcast #20 we invited Koolski the night before our The Get Down 2 vs. 2 breaking competition to talk about his history in the bboy scene and how he started West Coast Rockers. Koolski tells the crew how he eventually got to be a part of the Rock Steady Crew in the 90's after meeting Ken Swift, Doze, Crazy Legs and the crew at Bboy Summit in San Diego. Koolski talks about serving bboys and what happened when he and others got kicked out of Rock Steady Crew. Find out what a Panamanian Petting Zoo is through our segment Roxrite googles.


Note: This is a 2 part podcast! This is part 1, part 2 will be on

Just in time to get your hyped for San Diego Comic Con and The Get Down Jam next week! This is the first of a two part podcast where Not So Fresh hosts Hall H. Part two will be on the Hall H Show (links below). In Not So Fresh Podcast 19 we had such a great time with Hall H Show (Aaron and Alex) and Hall H regular Jason from Hero Journalism. We talk about our upbringing within comic and pop cultures, discuss DC/Marvel, learn about the "golden age" of comics, controversy about casting process in comic to movie adaptations, talk about #SDCCFIT and how we stay sdccfit, how San Diego Comic Con was in the 90's vs. the pop culture fandom it has become recently. How digging for records is similar to collecting comics, and much more!

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Listen to Not So Fresh Podcast latest podcast as we pick Sumo Caceres brain on entering the Calamities 15 Year Anniversary with a world renown Bboy like Omar Delgado ! Learn how to make a "MANGINA" and listen to a belligerently drunk Mike Logik ! All on this latest podcast!



Podcast #17 we welcome Whacko reppin' the Illest Villains crew out of San Francisco CA! We talk to Whacko about his dance history and accomplishments in events he has won around the world. Whacko is in the top tier in the dance community. Known for his style of uprock and winning toprock battles worldwide. We get into the topic of getting prostate exams as Destijl goes into his story of a recent rectal bleeding incident where a plastic tube was shoved up his ass. We do "Roxrite Googles", where Roxrite Google searches a new move. Does Roxrite and Saso own rompers?! Is Mike Logik angry?! Listen in!


SAKE joins the Not So Fresh Podcast! Listen to a king of SD graffiti as he goes down memory lane with a ton of stories from writing with Quasar in bus yards to being around when Bob Haro started freestyle BMX in San Diego! Plenty of gems dropped in this podcast so tune in!

NSF Podcast #16 special Guest SAKE original bboy and graffiti king from San Diego CA. Special podcast! Learn what happened in the early days of graffiti in San Diego with this graff legend! He is one of the OG's in the city that experienced and painted with the best. Find out how he's behind a lot of the jams that brought people to SD from around the world with Qween B. What was up when he was reppin' Rock Steady Crew in the 90's. Hear it here from SAKE how BMX freestyle started in San Diego and specifically from Spring Valley! Did SAKE teach Bob Haro from Haro Bikes (BMX) brother's how to break? His time chilling with Doze (RSC) and running into Egyptian Lover, Mike Tyson, getting robbed by the leader of the bloods, how he started Super B Beat Boys when they were 1520 Cedric (Sedgwick) Ave DJ's, his first foray into spinning breaks, his relation to Rick Rubin, running around with Qbert, early bboy summits


not so fresh podcast #15 with guests DJ Sweetchuck and Existence76. The vinyl diggers episode!

Want some SD hip hop history? In podcast #15 the Not So Fresh crew invite DJ Sweetchuck and DJ Existence76 into the studio. Sweetchuck and Existence currently promote for Vinyl Frontier, a record/vinyl show where vendors sell everything from 45's and LP's. Sweetchuck has been promoting events around San Diego since the early 90's and Existence has been digging and spinning since he moved to SD in the 90's. There are plenty of stories from Chuck about Notorious BIG's first San Diego performance, his run in with Lauryn Hill and taking Dre Dog around SD. Learn about these DJ's history and where they're selling vinyl nowadays. You can also learn how Saso loves the smell of ASS on bunkbeds and find out what a Hoboken Squat Cobbler is compared to a Boston Creme Splat! Listen in to find out which classic OG San Diego DJ crew will be getting down at the next Vinyl Frontier.

Starring: Saso, Destijl, Mad Mike Logik, Roxrite, DJ Son of Jarel, DJ Sweetchuck, Existence76

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.05.46 PM.png

Not So Fresh Podcast #14 Guest Bboy Lancer (Calamaties & Killafornia) Poet, Author, Scholar

In Not So Fresh Podcast's 14th episode we invite Bboy Lancer from the Calamaties and Killafornia to discuss a wide variety of subjects. Lancer's history in San Diego, CA coming up as a bboy leads to discussion about his many accomplishments at such a young age. He has had a poetry book published (Dance Among Elephants), been invited to many bboy competitions worldwide, double majored in Astrophysics/Physics, started the crew Calamaties, has contributed to many community events and holds his Laotian heritage in very high regard. Lancer drops knowledge in this episode about Laos and his deep roots with the community at large. Listen in as we get into some very touchy subjects in our most serious discussion we've had to date.

Starring: Lancer, Saso, Mike Logik, Destijl and Roxrite

You can find Lancer's book here:


Not So Fresh Podcast 13 guest- DAKS-ISA (UTK) How It Was Being JABBAWOCKEEZ Security Detail!

In podcast #13 DAKS-ISA representing Unknown Turntablists Krew hailing from the mighty South Side of San Diego joins us in studio to speak about a plethora of topics! Everything from his beginnings in the DJ game joining Mane One forming UTK, spinning at the early Get Down jams, Earthbound Radio as well as Lover's Rock, his role as the JABBAWOCKEEZ security detail when they won America's Best Dance Crew, funny Filipino jokes/puns, the crews take on different terminology for the poonanny, Mike Logik's word of the week and both Saso/Destijl tell us about their recent trips to Hawaii/Philippines respectively. The crew can be found on Instagram @not_so_fresh_podcast testing out their new Death Lens #deathlens @deathlens for the iPhone, check them out at Don't drink and podcast children.

Starring: Saso, Destijl, Son of Jarel, DAKS-ISA



Bboy Rawken from War Orphans crew speaks about coming from the bboy scene in Japan and New Mexico, then finally settling into the San Diego scene and more!