the destijl vlog

The Destijl Vlog started with Destijl grabbing his Canon DSLR and Sony Actioncam on a recent trip to Asia. Once he got to the airport he decided to turn the camera on to document the whole trip, once he turned the camera on himself the Destijl Vlog started. After many travels around the world he finally decided it would be a good idea to capture a lot of what he experiences. The vlog starts off on a trip to the Philippines for a bachelor party and wedding, moves onto South Korea, then to San Diego where the Not So Fresh Podcast is based. Subscribe to the vlog to see where and what craziness we run into next! You can find more of the Destilj Vlog on Youtube



Saso just started his vlog the Saso Fresco Channel on YouTube. Make sure you log onto YouTube and subscribe to his channel to keep up with his lifestyle and weekly craziness.




THE GET DOWN 2003-2007

Mad Mike Logik started The Get Down jam in 2003 and was the main cameraman documenting each event. There is an archive of San Diego Bboy history that went down at these jams where the top crews would battle it out. These jams were thrown a time when video recording was still analog and videos took a long turnaround time to be seen by the masses. Check out some video from the early Get Down events.



Unearth Productions

Unearth was started in 2014 by Kenneth "Rawken" Maxey and Jacob "Shyism" Kang as a way to showcase the local talent in San Diego, CA. It focuses on mainly the dance community, but has featured other skills from the parkour, tricking, yoga, capoiera and music scene as well. The most recent videos are actually filmed and edited by Tuff Rocking's own Destijl. You can find more videos from Unearth on Youtube.